YP EXCLUSIVE – Source: Christi McCoy out, Curtis Ivy in as U.S. Attorney

In late May, YallPolitics linked a story that named Christi McCoy as a possible choice for Northern Mississippi District U.S. Attorney.

However the article in MainJustice wrote:

We’ve heard rumors – but can’t confirm — that McCoy may have hit some kind of snag in the vetting process. …. McCoy did not return a phone call seeking comment.

Over at NMissCommentor, Tom Freeland said he had received an e-mail from someone with “first-hand” knowledge, who said McCoy had not hit any snags.

Today a source with insider knowledge tells YallPolitics McCoy’s “deep” ties with Joey Langston, and other issues, stalled her possible nomination. The source then went on to say Curtis Ivy, who has been a contender since the beginning, is highly regarded by many involved.

YP could not independently confirm Ivy’s chances, or whether McCoy’s ties actually prevented her from becoming the U.S. Attorney, however the source has been spot on with many other issues, and finds him credible enough to worthy this post.