Former Democratic congressman turned Republican challenger Gene Taylor is making the rounds in South Mississippi’s 4th District attempting to cut into incumbent Congressman Steven Palazzo’s firm lead.

But his fence straddling ways may be getting in his way if he’s trying to pick up traditional Republican voters.

Taylor appeared this morning on the “Waking Up with Waldo” radio show on Jackson County’s WPMO 1580AM in Pascagoula. Find the interview here.

The host, Walter Thornton, asked Taylor about his thoughts on Benghazi and the ongoing investigation (cue up to7:30).

Taylor, who is known for being a strong military supporter despite his liberal ties to Obama, Pelosi and others, responded by saying:

“Every embassy I’ve ever visited was concerned about security because every embassy has a bulls eye on it. It is a symbol of America. A lot times that’s
in places where the folks don’t like us, uh, so obviously Benghazi was not any different in that it had a bulls eye on it.

“I agree with you that the administration has certainly tried to downplay the very significant loss of life, downplay, which should not have happened,
but I would keep in mind that everywhere I’ve been our ambassadors were worried about security and feel like they are threatened, in the case of
Benghazi, certainly in the case of the two African embassies, they did very. . . they became targets and unfortunately with a loss of life involved.”

So Taylor admits the Obama administration has downplayed the Benghazi attack while also hedging his comments saying all embassies feel threatened and not addressing the investigation directly. Why?

Taylor knows he still has to attract Democrat crossover voters if he’s going to win a Republican primary.

Earlier in the interview when asked about his switch and his acceptance within the conservative base (cue to 3:35) Taylor said, “The average Joe on the
street is very, very supportive of us… They were the ones who in the three and half years I’ve been out of office literally begged me to run again…”

Taylor goes on to say:

“A very common misconception in Mississippi is that we register by party. We do not. On Election Day, every election is an open primary that a person can
chose to pick up a Republican ballot or a Democratic ballot. They just can’t pick up both, and so we’re going to see a lot of folks, traditional Democrats
who are picking up that Republican ballot. We are going to see a lot of folks who consider themselves Republican picking up their ballot. I’m asking
for every one of their votes.”