A new Democratic organization formed in February 2011 largely under the radar. The Mississippi Democratic Trust was founded by CottonMouth blogger Matt Eichelberger and law partner Paul Lee.

Their stated goal is to “help elect Democratic candidates who will provide sensible and responsible leadership for Mississippi. The Trust supports effective policies to address legitimate economic, education, healthcare, and public safety issues in our State.”

Translation: We’re here to promote Democratic candidates and progressive legislation as well as to help correct the public communication nightmare that has plagued the Mississippi Democratic Party for some time now.

The trust has raised $600 toward the goal.

In what is their first release, the Trust called on shortening the legislative session in hopes of saving funds. While such a notion sounds admirable, their release is simply a means by which to frame the discussion and set the stage as they begin to criticize the new Republican majority.

The release names now former Democratic state representative Brandon Jones as their chairman, which is interesting in that Eichelberger and Lee were Jones’ attorneys during his recent election challenge.

Republican Charles Busby unseated Jones to claim the House District 111 seat in November.

This Mississippi Democratic Trust is nothing more than a search for relevance by liberals. They would love nothing more than to bring back the days of Billy McCoy and Ronnie Mugrove.

As we predicted, Democrats would take such measures to combat the new Republican majority. More attempts are coming. Conservatives must stay diligent and do their research. This is only the first of many shots across the bow from the state’s liberals.