This morning, regular FOX NEWS contributor Angela McGlowan, author of Bamboozled, made an appearance on Paul Gallo’s show. As someone who serves as a voice in the wilderness for African American conservatives from Mississippi, she is a sought after speaker and pundit.

In the middle of her segment this morning, the topic turned to gun control, which McGlowan basically said she was for. Specifically, she stated her support to have guns registered with the government. As someone who has been mentioned on the far periphery for a MS-01 candidacy, presumably as someone who had interest in running in a Republican primary, McGlowan certainly shot herself in the foot (pun intended). Her gun control comments lit Gallo’s line up like a Christmas tree from folks across Mississippi who didn’t “jeehaw” with McGlowan’s take on guns. In probably one of the most “pro-gun” districts in America, those comments made on a statewide broadcast probably removed her from even the periphery of that consideration.

As one conservative pundit pointed out to YP, “it’s not everyday you hear someone commit political suicide on the radio while you’re eating breakfast”.