Today, Andy Taggart comments on the weight of the latest opinion from Attorney General Jim Hood about line item vetoes.

Most people have thought since his re-election that Hood had his eyes set on the Governor’s Mansion in 2011. As the state’s last remaining statewide elected Democrat, Hood has been looked to by many in the party as the last savior for prospects of holding statewide office again in any meaningful way.

Though Taggart’s analysis is dead on, it brings up a larger issue. Not many people who want a job try to diminish it before they have it. Of course, we are talking about Jim Hood, so logic is a commodity that carries a steep discount. Though insiders say that Hood is keeping his options open for the top slot in Mississippi politics in 2011, it would seem that this might be a signal he’s not up for the real political fight.

Remember also that his mentor, former Attorney General Mike Moore, was asked openly and publicly to run for both Governor and Senator and was always seen as the Golden Boy. However, when given the chance, it seemed he never had the stomach for the tougher political battle. Now, Clarksdale attorney Bill Luckett looks like he’s all but in the race on the Democrat side officially. A year ago I would have told you that Hood was likely in for a run in 2011 and if so he’d have a clean shot at it. Now, it seems that Hood’s political pragmatism might be kicking in and that he just might not be up for the real political fight.