Amazingly, some brain surgeon editor at the AP attached the following headline announcing the sentencing date for Steve “Jabba the Hut” Patterson and Timothy Balducci . . .

I hate to be such a hardass on language, but we see this softening of language constantly in the Minor case. This is especially true when the story gets run through 7 or 8 different media outlets like this one did (all with the identical headline). This bribery and conspiracy needs to be deal with straight up and in the starkest terms possible. These are all bad guys and they all need to do time.

My predictions on the Patterson & Balducci sentences, by the way, is that they will both do 3+ years of hard time. Judge Biggers would be hard pressed to give Balducci and Patterson, who were complicit in delivering the original bribe, less time than Langston. These judges are by and large pretty mad, and my sense is that Patterson and Balducci will get hit hard, like Langston did, no matter how much they cooperated.

NMC has some good comments on their sentencing as well and puts their sentencing agreements back out just for a quick review.