Respond Mississippi has an interesting post about Brandon Presley’s contributions from Steve Patterson and Tim Balducci. The Balducci donation is not news.

What is news is that it appears that Patterson donated even more through a company called Cotton Plant Consulting, Inc. SOS records show him as the prime incorporator and officer of that corp. Respond Mississippi also points out that there are two other closely named companies (Cotton Plant of Como and Cotton Plant Thouroughbreds) both based in New Albany and both donating $2500 to Presley. Though a check at the SOS doesn’t show Patterson’s name on either, it sounds a bit too suspicious to be a coinkydink especially given the political history of Patterson, Presley and that area of the state.

Here’s the tally.

Questionable contributions to Brandon Presley

Steve Patterson (convicted felon) – $11,500
Tim Balducci (convicted felon) – $5,000
Dickie Scruggs (convicted felon) – $5,000
Other members/affiliates of Patterson/Balducci (partners of convicted felons) – $18,000
Cotton Plant Consulting (corp belonging to convicted felon) – $2500

That is pretty tight and comes up to to about $40K. That’s not to mention the other two contributions totalling $5K that just look fishy. The Cotton Plant of Como contribution came in on 48 hour reports, which is usually a dead giveaway of something that’s trying to be snuck in under the tag.

Respond Mississippi also makes the observation that we have made several times here . . . that Presley has not divulged himself of any of this dirty money from convicted felons or their associaties/associated entities. Those monies now total well over 10% of his total political raise (just over $300K) this last cycle. It certainly invites the question of why they wanted him in so bad. Good government? Based on the histories of those involved, I think not. But if it’s not that, what is the reason?

Follow the money.