From John Whitfield’s attorney

Last week, Judge Henry T. Wingate of the Southern District of Mississippi denied the motion for release of former Circuit Judge John H. Whitfield, which requested that he be free on bond pending the resolution of his appeal at the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. Judge Whitfield was convicted along with Paul Minor and former Chancellor Wes Teel in an alleged scheme of bribery which has raised repeated questions about the political prosecution of people under the last presidential administration.

I have attached our Motion for Review that was today filed with the Fifth Circuit by my office and the Martin Law Firm led by Drew and Melissa Martin. In it, we point out the problems with Judge Wingate’s decision, and request that the Fifth Circuit find that Judge Whitfield, a family man who suffers from Crohn’s disease, be freed pending the disposition of his appeal. We also point out that the Fifth Circuit has now twice requested supplemental briefing on related issues, an unusual occurrence in most appeals.

David Neil McCarty
Counsel for John H. Whitfield
David Neil McCarty Law Firm, PLLC
Jackson, Miss.