We know that lawyers on both sides have been asked if former U.S. Sen. Trent Lott will testify if Bobby DeLaughter goes to trial.

During a motions hearing in a separate judicial bribery case against Scruggs, his attorney, John Keker, said Lott would be called as a defense witness. The testimony would have been about Lott’s involvement in the DeLaughter case.

DeLaughter’s attorney Tom Durkin, is not confirming if he intends to call Lott to testify. He also wouldn’t comment on any other potential witnesses.

Norman did not want to discuss Lott possibly being subpoenaed. He confirmed that he was bringing all those incarcerated because it’s “public record.”

Well, YallPolitics is here to say that IF DeLaughter goes to trial, Trent Lott will likely be in the building, someone with knowledge of the case has said.