From the award-winning Y’allPolitics Memory Division –

Remember the “criminal election fraud charges” filed in Franklin county last November involving now former State Senator Melanie Sojourner? Well, the bogus affidavit charges were finally tossed out by the local DA, an assistant AG and the Judge in the case. Turns out there was no “there” there.

The Enterprise-Journal reports that on Thursday, Amite County Northern District Judge Roger Arnold dismissed all charges against poll workers Margie McNair, Ann Reed, Donna Jones, Gloria Smith and Prentiss Harris.

Special Assistant Attorney General Robert Anderson petitioned Arnold to dismiss the charges, arguing that state law gives the poll workers immunity since all five testified before a specially appointed Senate panel during the challenge of the election.

The kookoo-for-cocoa-puffs crowd were talking big and bad about how this was a criminal issue. Again, not so much.

This was on the heels of the great faux-“crossover” vote conspiracy in 2014. Again, it was promoted heavily by paid insiders on blogs and facebook, but it was laughed off of any legitimate consideration because it was just a figment of some true believers’ imagination, or worse yet, a cynical ploy by a bunch of folks who knew the truth and just used that fiction to promote their own ends. Meanwhile, valuable court time and energy were wasted that could have been used for the people’s business. And some good people who do a pretty thankless task had their names dragged through the mud all in the name of preserving power.

The campaign insiders that did this should be ashamed (again). Bogus claims of voter fraud with no evidence presented make it all the more difficult for real issues involving voter integrity to be taken seriously. That hurts all Mississippians.