Bless his heart, Travis Childers wants to talk about the issues . . . really, really bad. In fact, he wants to debate.

This lies in stark contrast to his (thankfully brief) tenure as First District Congressman. During the Obamacare debate he ran from reporters. . . .literally. “No comment” was the rule of the day. The Daily Panolian in his own district called him “evasive”.

He only voted no after Nancy Pelosi let him. Hell, he couldn’t even figure out what he thought after he voted.

He even placed conditions on talking to voters in his own district . . .

During the August recess, some Democratic congressmen are hearing testy opinions from the public over your party’s proposals for healthcare reform. Are those concerns justified?

Certainly the concerns are justified. Now, if a person is willing to speak to me in a civil tone, and talk about concerns they genuinely have, I want to hear from them.

What I’m not interested in, and what I don’t appreciate, is when the other party is busing people to try to be disruptive. That’s what’s unnecessary. We’re trying to help the situation.

And now he wants a debate?