From the award winning Y’all Politics Memory Division, in 2015, Attorney General Jim Hood came out aggressively against a Mental Health Task force proposed by the Legislature.

Here’s the Clarion Ledger Article.

Legislation to study Mississippi’s mental health system met opposition from Attorney General Jim Hood, who claims it could jeopardize the state’s ongoing negotiations with the U.S. Department of Justice.

Hood sent the Feb. 18 letter to the Mississippi Department of Mental Health, whose board also mentioned the DOJ in its own opposition to the bill. That opposition came in the form of a resolution adopted Jan. 15.

Now in 2017, he’s trying to stand in front of the parade according to this Mississippi Today article.

So while Hood has insisted that his task force is not about money, he said he knows that effective change will ultimately require some financial commitment from the state.

“You just can’t get around the funding. Everyone split up into subcommittees — and all these different groups met and each one came back and said, ‘this is something we want to do but we’ve still got to have funding,’” Hood said.

“What we’re trying to do is help the money follow the patient. And if we can take this institutional stuff and make that more efficient, the funding will flow to the medical providers.”