Bless her heart, Jenny Beth Martin from the Tea Party Patriots has flip-flop-flipped on Donald Trump.

Getty Images

In 2016, she was one of the more forceful voices against Donald Trump.

Here’s a clip from her speaking against Donald Trump at CPAC. She didn’t have very nice things to say about Trump . . .

Donald Trump has no business thinking he’s tea party and every tea party person who truly loves the constitution should take that into account when you’re casting your vote.”

Now, she’s out threatening the President over his support of Roger Wicker for his candidacy in 2018. But why would she do that? It’s likely to keep her dollars up. In the “purity for profit” game, having someone like the President to rail against is everything. According to TPP’s 2015 990 form, she’s pulling down close to $250K herself. Not bad. TPP took in almost $10M in contributions and spent about a third of that on . . . you guessed it . . . more fundraising efforts.

Dolla Dolla Bills y’all.