We posted briefly about this in February, but there is now some more meat on the bone.

There is a fascinating piece in the Columbia Journalism Review (the height of journalistic excellence, I am told). They quote an Australian blog that has several links about the Bidens’ involvement with Stanford and an affiliated hedge fund.

By the way, this blogger takes no prisoners. He’s a man after my own heart.

It has to deal with our ‘ol buddy, Mr. VEEE PEE himself, Joe Biden. It seems his brother Jim and son Hunter have had some issues with a fund they marketed out of the Paradigm Capital offices basically having some fraud issues.

Of course, the Bidens are no strangers to the Scruggs universe. Balducci and Patterson discussed at length their dealings with Jim. Balducci, Patterson and Fmr. Governor Bill Allain held a fundraiser for Joe. Just days before being tapped as a VEE PEE nominee, Joe refunded money from Dickie and Zach.