Noted Huffing-Puffington Post and Hustler Magazine columnist and RFK, Jr.-buddy Brad Friedman has set up a pro-Paul Minor website with links to selected articles on the Paul Minor affair.

It can be found at

Just in case this catches any of the moonbats on a google news/blog alert, they might want to do a little research in what was proven in this case.

We have (extensively).

The thing that continues to gall me is that for all the innuendo about a politically-motivated prosecution, not one person has produced one shred of actionable evidence that the investigation or the indictment was improper. There’s a ton of speculation. There’s wild innuendo. There have been a lot of assumptions made, but not one charge, not one document, and not one person (other than the accused and his supporters) has come come forward with anything tangible to support the case.

I’ll continue to wait. I doubt we’ll see it.