Today, miraculously, despite the obvious well-coordinated cabal between greedy oil executives, Middle East royalty and oil barons, and the rest of the trilateralist, industrial complex, oil has inexplicably fallen below $40 per barrel. How on earth did that happen?

Where are the boneheaded state and Washington politicians calling for a windfall profits tax now? Eh, Prez-O? What a joke.

Where are those calling for congressional hearings about the collusion of oil companies and threatening criminal action?

Could it possibly be that the market controls the price of oil? In times of these massive government bailouts . . . perish the thought. When the price went high, we explored more and used less . . . then the price came down. Now, it’s cheap, and exploration will slow due to a lower potential investment payout and consumption will go up. So will the price. It will normalize again soon to probably $75-80 barrel for the near to long haul (absent some real supply threat).

The truth is that if big oil collusion or global warming or any of the other bourgeois liberal myths that pervade society were true, they would be constantly trending upward. As we all know, they don’t. Markets and nature fluctuate . . . regularly, and if left from arrogant meddling are self correcting systems . . . and they work. Of course, the glaring holes in both theories are so big you could drive a (big diesel) truck through them.