OK, folks. It’s the Thursday before a Democratic Primary. You know what that means . . . Shenanigans.

Thursday night is really the deadline for everything slimy to get a free pass in the media. As I have predicted before this mayoral election even fully formed up, this is going to be a nasty one. I expect some serious slimeball stuff. Push polling phone calls, offensive mail pieces (likely already en route), whisper campaigns, allegations . . . the whole deal. They can’t help it. It’s the way the Democratic Party machine works.

The good news, if there is any, is that there are so many people in the primary that the “Democratic Machine” doesn’t really know who to back. That may mitigate a little foolishness. However, folks are already working behind the scenes, I think, on some stuff that they wouldn’t have done a week ago or a month ago.

We’ll see what happens, but my advice is to get ready. If you record anything or get anything slimy in nature, send it to YallPolitics and we will get it out there.