An Ocean Springs man has announced his intent to seek the 4th Congressional District seat currently held by Republican Congressman Steven Palazzo. Palazzo successfully challenged and upset 20 year incumbent Democrat Gene Taylor in November 2010, something many conservatives thought was close to impossible.

John Switzer posted this on his Facebook page on November 3rd: “Inspired by the young adults I met tonight and their hopes for the future of our nation, I confidently announce this evening that I will be a candidate for the US Congress in the Republican Primary race scheduled for March 2012 in the 4th Congressional District of Mississippi. I humbly ask for your prayers.”

According to his Facebook profile, Switzer is an Assistant Professor of Theology at Spring Hill College in Mobile, Alabama. He also lists that he studied theology and education at Boston College.

Reading through his posts and discussion boards, it is obvious that Switzer is affiliated with the Tea Party and is gaining support among their Coast members even now. Leaders of the Coast Tea Party are listed as commenters encouraging Switzer’s run.

“Mentally, it took a leap of faith to go from “thinking about running” to “I’m running.” But I’ve now crossed the threshhold.” Switzer says in a post. “I need to get the committee up and running, and I’m meeting with a hopeful treasurer Tuesday. My savings will be the start of the fund, and I hope others will feel called to invest in this challenge as I believe I’ve been called. The “fire in the belly” has hit home!”

Switzer says of the Congressional committee currently discussing the national debt issue, “As I predicted, the congressional “Super Committee” is going to require some new taxation–according to Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner. I’m sure our congressman from the 4th Congressional District in MS will “whip” himself into line to vote for it. Gosh, folks, I’m getting so tired of being right about this stuff.”

This is just one of a few names rumored to be considering the 4th District seat. We’ll wait and see who else falls from the tree as we head into Congressional qualifying season.