YP – Rove’s ‘Courage and Consequence’ mentions Scruggs case

Karl Rove’s new book Courage and Consequence briefly mentions how Scruggs was prosecuted despite Lott being the Senator who nominated U.S. Attorney’s in Mississippi. Maybe y’all can fill in some of the background as I am not aware of what exactly Rove is talking about.

On page 511, Rove writes:

“I almost felt sorry for my chief interrogator, California congressman Adam Schiff. He was clearly not prepared. The committee staff drew up questions, many of them duplicative, and Schiff appeared to be seeing them for the first time when he sat down. … Focusing on the issue of “selective prosecutions,” one Democratic staff interrogator wanted to know who had suggested the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Mississippi, and how he had come to be appointed. I told him he had been strongly recommended by Senator Trent Lott. The guy didn’t seem to know that the same U.S. Attorney later prosecuted Lott’s own brother-in-law, famed trial lawyer Dickie Scruggs. Talk about impartial application of the law!”