A Y’allpolitics source sent an e-mail this morning saying, “we’re all guessing if Felicia is coming our way.”

Back in March, Main Justice reported Adams as a new name added to the list of possible nominations for Barack Obama. At the time they wrote:

A Southern District of Mississippi prosecutor is in the mix for the Northern District of Mississippi U.S. Attorney nomination, Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.) told Main Justice Friday.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Felicia Adams is being considered by the Obama administration for the Northern Mississippi slot, even though Thompson formally recommended Oxford, Miss., criminal defense attorney Christi McCoy for the post last summer.

McCoy was dogged by controversy because of her affiliation with a local private investigator who was under investigation for his billing practices. The Northern District U.S. Attorney’s office, which was handling the case, dropped its probe earlier this year, clearing McCoy.

Thompson, who is taking the lead on selecting U.S. attorney candidates for Mississippi’s congressional Democrats, said the White House is reviewing both Adams and McCoy for the post. He said he supports both of the candidates.

When asked who put Adams’ name forward, Thompson said she was “already in the system” since she previously worked in the Northern District.

So far Obama has nominated 67 U.S. Attorney’s, with 51 being confirmed by the Senate, according to a recent Main Justice story. That leaves Obama with 26 remaining nominations to make – including the Southern District of Mississippi.

And as one Democrat pointed out, Obama’s feet dragging on the U.S. Attorney selection is “pathetic.”

This same Yallpolitics source reported on July 14, 2009 about Christi McCoy’s “issues.” And appears to have been on to something.

Our source also pointed out there has been some recent activity lately with one of the Scruggs defendants. As Patsy Brumfield reported last week, Sid Backstrom has moved facilities from Forrest City to Montgomery. What she couldn’t figure was if Backstrom was really in a Tupelo half-way house. Our source says Backstrom is out of prison. As Zach Scruggs had to do, Backstrom is likely working by day and at the half-way house by night.