Today, the Sun Herald had a news article about some Rigsby Gal/PR firm intrigue we talked about extensively earlier in the year.

NMC has weighed in on a two part post.

Part 1
Part 2

A fair reading of the opinion shows that the judge believed that State Farm was entitled to some of what they asked for from the Rendon Group (who defensively filed the action to quash the subpoena in its entirety) and left the door wide open to ask for more after analysis of the first wave of what was granted. Another reason why it’s so important for the press to append first source documents to story. It keeps them honest and drastically reduces the number of mistakes.

For the Rendon Group, this is not good. But seeing the inside of how a PR firm interacted with Scruggs confidantes should be fascinating.

Opinion granting State Farm access to records from Rendon Group 061810