Facing stiff competition from RFK Jr., the Jackson Free (I-never-met-a-criminal-I-didn’t-like) Press and Legal Schnauzer bloggers are vying for top honors in the Narcissists-R-Us, Paul Minor Shill-Fest 2009.

The JFP article is pretty boilerplate. It’s pretty typical Karl Rove conspiracy talk. It quotes a letter from Paul Minor to try to prove Paul Minor’s point that Paul Minor is a political prisoner because Paul Minor says so. Of course, a distinction that it doesn’t point out is that these loans made to judges WERE NOT political contributions, but rather personal loans. Otherwise, they would’ve been reportable campaign contributions. That’s a distinction lost in most of the pro-Paul Minor articles. It does feature a picture provided by Bill Minor, a Mississippi political columnist and father of Paul Minor, in which a young Paul Minor is with his wife and son in a law office. It’s an odd juxtaposition to see an old tug-at-your-heartstrings pic of Minor. I suppose the picture of Paul Minor rescuing puppies was not available at presstime.

Legal Schnauzer’s post takes an errant turn, which unfortunately is where most of his posts quickly wind up. He asserts that the Feds don’t want Minor to visit his wife under any circumstances and cites the 77 page opposition to Minor’s release. The Government’s opposition was for his permanent release on bond pending appeal, not just for a furlough, and was in response to Minor’s motion for the same. My sense is that for a temporary furlough to visit a sick relative, the US Attorney could care less and probably could do nothing about it even if they did care.

The Obama/Holder run Bureau of Prisons could likely grant Minor a temporary supervised furlough any old time they wanted to. I would argue that they should grant one . . . temporarily . . . and supervised. But a jury of 12 have found him guilty, and an appeals court has heard his arguments and denied his release on bond pending the results of his appeal. Plus, the evidence of his behavior and subsequent cover up is so clear that all the fancy lawyer word-parsing and free inches of newsprint that the most privileged money can buy can’t really cover it up.

Just remember . . .

The FBI started asking questions. Minor soon visited Scruggs’ office in a panic.

“I prefaced that conversation by telling Paul Minor that I had spoken with federal and state investigators in Jackson shortly before that,” Scruggs calmly told the jury. “I said, ‘Please don’t tell me anything that you don’t want me to have to tell them truthfully.'”