YP Throw-back – Hood too hardheaded to have Balducci influence him

“The decision on whether to indict State Farm Insurance Company was
based solely on the advice of senior prosecutors in our office. Several
days before the January 23, 2007, settlement with State Farm, after our
prosecutors heard three days of testimony before a Jackson County grand
jury, the majority of the prosecutors working on this case determined
with a high level of certainty that no fact pattern existed that fell
squarely within the insurance fraud statute. I made my decision that
there was insufficient evidence to uphold a conviction of State Farm on
evidence we had at the time, based upon the advice of a career
prosecutor who started in this office in the early 1970’s. I am too
hardheaded to be influenced by outside forces – I do what I think is
right for the working people of Mississippi.

As Mr. Balducci was quoted as saying about me on page 49 of a federal wiretap transcript of
November 1, 2007: ‘He ain’t gonna dance with the one who brought him to the dance'”. AG Hood, Feb. 27, 2008