Hattip to NMC for posting the transcript of the Langston sentencing hearing.

It can be found here.

I will say that it strikes me that everything happened the way it should have.

First, Langston was contrite by all accounts . . . and he should’ve been. He cooperated, and he should have because he has wronged his profession and violated the public trust.

Second, the Government held up their end of the bargain. Norman really went to bat for Langston. Langston helped them and they tried to help him back.

Most notably, Judge Mills was measured and made the right call in my opinion. For Langston to cooperate was the price of admission. Though it was right for the Government to ask for leniency, it was also right for Judge Mills to deny it.

Patterson, Balducci and others who have yet to be sentenced or indicted must be quaking in their boots. These judges are sending messages though their sentencing. It sounds like there will be more to come shortly.