Majority in MS picked up on the story about some discrepancy about whether Travis Childers camp sought and/or would even welcome First Lady Michelle Obama to campaign on his behalf in MS-01.

Cited was a Time Magazine article

Michelle Obama may be about to get her political toes wet. In May, she headlined the Democratic Party’s annual women’s conference; in early June, she made an appearance in Nevada with Senate majority leader Harry Reid. She also recently took her husband’s place in Kansas City, Mo., at the annual NAACP convention.

More outings could be in the offing. Dozens of Democratic congressional candidates, including Ohio’s Steve Driehaus, Illinois’s Debbie Halvorson and Mississippi’s Travis Childers, have asked the White House for her to appear in their districts this fall, according to a senior party official.

Then, Childers campaign advisor Brad Morris reached out to WTVA and said that not only was the Time story wrong, but they were going so far as to ask for basically a retraction.

Brad Morris said Saturday that a clarification is being sought from the magazine, which published the item in its July 26 issue.

A senior Democratic Party official told the magazine the incumbent from Mississippi’s First Congressional District is among a dozen congressional candidates making the request.