Brad Morris, Chief of Staff for US Representative Travis Childers (D-MS-01), took a jab at former Governor and presidential candidate Mike Huckabee over the weekend. Huckabee has committed to campaign and raise money for Republican State Senator Alan Nunnelee.

Of Huckabee, who has taken some flack of late for a clemency decision for an inmate that killed again, Morris opined . . .

“Why would he (Nunnelee) bring in a guy who lets murderers loose on the street?”

However, next door in Alabama, Huckabee remains very popular . . . so popular in fact that he remains on the 2012 radar. Ben Smith with Politico quotes a poll that put Huckabee with the support of 33% of Alabama voters for a hypothetical 2012 ticket. His social conservative values still poll very strong. Those sensibilities are those which Childers must oppose in the very conservative MS-01.