Ipseblogit asks the rather intriguing question of “What happens if Ed Peters falls apart on the stand?” Their core point is that Peters was the only one with real contact with DeLaughter. Similar pro-Scruggs sentiments came out early on Tim Balducci (as he was the only one with contact with Lackey – by design, I might add).

I would counter with the question of, “what if he doesn’t?” What if Ed Peters comes off as totally credible? What if he, like Balducci, makes an extraordinary witness? If so, DeLaughter will go to jail for 7-10 years most likely with a guilty verdict. It’s a hell of a dice roll.

Many mafia cases build up on these “linear conspiracies”. The top guy never talks to the bottom guy. It’s called plausible deniability, but juries seem to look right through it, if the evidence is there.

Ipse’s point on Peters acting like a garden-variety dirtball is well taken, but that doesn’t mean he’ll be a bad witness. It looks like he had lots of help and co-conspirators. Plus, there ain’t much love in the judiciary for a judge “on the take”. IF that’s proven, sentencing will be more than harsh.