There are a few interesting questions raised by Joey Langston’s sentencing date of 12/16.

First, why would the Feds let Langston get sentenced before testifying at subsequent trials? That is an odd twist. Usually, even with cooperative witnesses, the Feds hold trial performance over someone who pleaded guilty. Could it be because there won’t be any other trials? Are other pleas from “Scruggs II” players in our near future?

Second, could Langston actually be pushing the calendar? Suppose you’re Joey Langston and you’ve actually divulged all you knew. Looking 60 days down the road, you probably see a different US Attorney other than Jim Greenlee. Could it be that Langston is pressing to get his fate sealed with someone he now trusts? Could it be that Langston may fear a pro-trial lawyer, pro-Dickie new US Attorney that may seek to scuttle Langston’s existing goodwill and seek retribution against him?

And what of PL Blake, the Capitain D’s case and Capital Blu all mentioned as other threads in the US Attorney’s ongoing investigation? What will happen to those cases? Will a new US Attorney turn a blind eye to these?

It’s all interesting stuff to consider.