Dickie Scruggs’ appeal denied in district court

Wednesday, Senior U.S. District Judge Glen H. Davidson dismissed Scruggs’ motion to vacate the 2009 conviction.

His decision came one day after Scruggs’ attorneys asked him to decide the appeal so, if the judge agreed to vacate the 2009 case, Scruggs could start a half-way house release program as he nears completion of a 2007 guilty plea.

“Of course, we’re disappointed,” said Scruggs’ attorney, Edward “Chip” Robertson Jr. of Jefferson City, Mo. “We’ll consider our options, including an appeal.”

In late 2007, Scruggs and three others pleaded guilty to a conspiracy to bribe Circuit Judge Henry Lackey, who presided over a Katrina related legal fees lawsuit against Scruggs and associates over insurance settlements.

Daily Journal