Scruggs update: Lott insists DeLaughter should have known he would not be judge candidate

MIKE MOORE – Calls former Sen. Trent Lott.

(Lott sworn in) State your name… Background) Lott tells about time in Cognress. Past 4 years with Breaux.(From Aug 2003 – 2006 senators/) Yes. (KNow Dick SCruggs/) From same homd town, married to my wife’s sister. (Relationship?) Good, like all brother-in-law a few disagreements. REmain friends, wives close. We are together socially over the years. (Ask this, allegation made in court… Norman just said taht Dickie Scruggs is the gatekeeper in federal jdugeships as far as you’re concerned.) Absolutely untrue, very claer relationship with Sen. Cochran. we did our choices between the two of us. Assure you my bro-in-law … we disagree vigorously… nobody gatekeeper from MS except Thad, me and President of U.S.

(Dickie any influence on any of your selections for judgehsip,s ever?) No, our relationship was such, came form different perspective. I was looking for different types on judiciary. Sometimes he thought my choice was good, He was not someoboyd I consulted. He’d sbe first to say that his weighing in might have reverse effect. (What?) I’d probably be very careful about recs he would make – based on philosophy, what I was looking for. In terms of people we selected to recommend. (In your role as senator, you have responsibility to people ot U.S. and MS to help in sleection proess? Talk about that?) I was very careful. Thought it was one of most imp. thing a senator could do, especially for GOP president. If had tow senators, worked it out in a lot of diff ways… but Cochran and I started in 1989. Knew each other long time. WE talked informally and almost without exception for concensus. Fifth Circuit – would rec three to president. Look at their educaiton, demeanor, experience, did have good judicial temperatment. Looking for younger who would stay on bench for experience. Paid attention to geography, to make sure all parts reprsented. Sometimes that weighed heavily in decision we made. But it was … very careful about that. Proof wa sin the pudding – look at calibre of MS judiciary – outstanding.