ZNN spin on Zach Scruggs hearing

That representation to Biggers, if true, would have put Zach Scruggs in jeopardy for extensive prison time. He took the deal and a 14-month sentence.

It also cost him a $250,000 fine and permanent loss of his law license.

Wednesday, former prosecutor David Sanders – now a federal magistrate judge – said the government’s only evidence of bribery against Scruggs came from Tim Balducci, who said Scruggs knew.

Earlier in the week, Backstrom and Patterson under oath and a written statement from Dickie Scruggs insisted Zach knew nothing about the bribe.

Sanders also said a sworn statement by Langston revealed that he never would have said Zach knew anything about the DeLaughter scheme.

Scruggs attorney Mike Moore asked Sanders if the government ever cleared that up with Judge Biggers. No, Sanders answered.

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